Custom Features, Hardscape, Shade and Furniture

In addition to our landscape design specialties, we continually challenge our talented staff for new creations.  This collection of evolving photos shares specialty items we’ve been commissioned to create, as well as showing a bit of our candid side.


Tattoo you.

All for charity.  Another barstool creation that honors our military tradition, and the artistic tradition of tattooing.  This particular piece went on auction to benefit service men and women.  We collaborated on this piece with Carbon Footprint Furniture of Phoenix.



Arizona nights

Located in downtown Phoenix, this final product needs no further explanation.

my patio

Hey, Mr. Postman..

A custom aluminum, steel & concrete block mailbox in Arcadia.


Pine table

When new construction improvement began across the street from our office, we grabbed some large Pine Tree trunks.  Then we wound up with an old steel pipe support from an old courtyard fountain.  Put the two together with a little creative elbow grease, and the beginnings of a cool coffee table.


Wood & Steel Ramada

Sitting at the base of Squaw Peak, this 15′ tall ramada towers by the pool and back yard.  True 12″x12″ posts were milled in Flagstaff and trailered down to Phoenix and took 7 men to move each one into place.



Stone & Wood Atrium

On the Central Corridor of Uptown Phoenix, we wrapped wood and stone around the inside of this patio home, complete with flat stone candle-holder shelves.




Central Corridor pool, deck and fire pit oasis

Tucked back into this quiet Uptown Phoenix community is a quiet oasis to enjoy by day or night.  Blue tumbled glass accents the outdoor fireplace.





A custom barstool created with Birch architectural plywood, inspired by the infamous board game of strategy – all above and below a Mesquite, custom shaped and sanded seat.


Roasted Bird

Kidding!  A Scottsdale client commissioned us to create a backyard fireplace as an art piece.  Weaving in their love for birds and the Audubon of Arizona, we hand-bent about 100 pieces of random steel rebar and pipe to create a birds nest to warm yourself by, and makes a great conversation piece.





Arcadia Courtyard

Adirondack chairs and used red brick accent this huge semi-circle courtyard complete with 6′ diameter fireplace at the center.





Another Arcadia Courtyard

The centerpiece for this front courtyard is the very tasteful and updated classic of the Adirondack furniture (by homeowner) and custom square tubing and sheet steel fireplace.  Not shown in picture is the custom mesh cover for fireplace for safety around kids and pets, but also doubles nicely as a surface to grill on before s’mores.



Blandford Residence Arcadia

Gate of many colors

In this Central Phoenix location, a random use of leftovers became one of our most popular designs to date.  Combining mixed pieces of sheet steel, came one of the coolest gates we’ve seen.  Look around, there may be one in your neighborhood now too.




The Mysterious Date Palms of Phoenix

The palms have nothing to do with this shade structure, but only to serve as a geographical reference.  This house is right down the street from that neighborhood.




Outdoor Flower Shower

Near Arcadia, we created an outdoor shower for the wine barrel planters complete on automated watering.  So when you’re on the patio enjoying your Riesling and the irrigation kicks on, you get a 1 minute show(er).



Schneck Residence Arcadia

Office Desk

Do our creative skills know no bounds!  Probably.  But we can create some cool stuff.  Like this office desk from 2 used office doors.  Love it.



office desk

North Phoenix Modern Farm Table

Some sketches, some fabricating, my dog Walter, and the 600lb finished product gracing a new back yard entertainment area that includes fireplace, bbq, bar seating, raised garden with overhead automated irrigation and not shown is the matching potting table adjacent to the garden.



Table 2



Table 3


Barrel Garden

Overhead, exposed copper irrigation keeps this garden growing.  That mini Death Star is actually a composter.


shower planter 2

You can’t do a 7′ custom wrought iron gate!

Yes we can.  And did.  Walter approved.  Client thrilled.





No man is an island.

True.  But this is an island.  For your kitchen.  Starting with a homemade, shoddy glulam beam that was undoubtedly never structurally engineered and destined for the landfill, came the surface for this steel island.  Sanded down to reveal it’s beauty and stained with blue, then covered with layers and layers of acrylic and welded together.  Custom blue caster wheels compliment this perfect rolling island.









Hot Tubbin’

This raised spa area, shown as a feature project ‘Steel City’ demanded some safety after discussing with the homeowners that eventually some poor soul might end up accidently star-gazing and wondering where everything went.  Custom steel “L” bench with composite lumber seating.  Custom upholstered cushions not shown.  We left this to naturally rust to blend in with the existing steel spa surround.



IMG_1312 IMG_1309